Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tune in Tokyo!

Another laaaaate update! I've been busy with work and school that I forgot, but here it is! The theme was Good girl/Bad girl (School girl and Yankees). This was actually a difficult coord for me to think up! But in the end, it worked out! Enjoy! <3

My hair was styled during the event
so I took a picture before I went to bed :D

I didn't recognize Sun Child with her wig >.<
Yet she is still beautiful <3

I recognized the girl on the left from
Anime Expo :)

Mandie looks so awesome :)

Oli and Emi look great :)

I've never seen Cass
wear something outside of lolita
but still looks great!

Andi is a big fan of Harry Potter ^_^

Sneaking in a picture :)

So was so nice! I hope to see her again soon ^_^

Until Next Time!

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クリス said...

Such a cute and unique outfit! I would be torn about the theme. I'd wanna do both XD