Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nesei Week in Little Toyko!

Another update! Well, this time it was in Little Toyko during Nesei Week. I met a few new and old friends.  I hope to have another meet up soon :)

The lovely lanterns

More Lanterns! The one on the right
has origami birds

I think my boyfriend matches
well with the surroundings :)

Judy wanted to take a picture
with the cute cat mascot...

...So I took one as well!

Could it be...?
Yep! It was the meet up I've been searching for!

This is Aerial !
A new friend
I met her online and she is quite friendly :)

Sarah's looking good in
her minty coord <3

Holley looks very cute!

I was so happy to see

Amber (left) and Sami (right)
look wonderful in their classic coord
I love how Oli makes
her dresses ^^

Iris invited her friend along
with us :)

Along the way, I saw some
Vocaloid cosplayers...

...And Black Butler cosplays

Nancy (Left) and Nadjah (Right)
look comfortable in the summer heat

Group Photo! :D

Overall, it was an enjoyable day!

 Until Next Time!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Melty Moons Necklaces

Oh my gosh! One of my friends Alexander along with David are in the process of starting their own website called "Automatic Honey"!
They showed off this on Facebook and saw this:

...I had to reserve the Pastel Rainbow! (I might also try to see if I can reserve Pink Party also for next time) I hope they post their Etsy soon!

 Until Next Time!