Monday, December 19, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas

An event with a Christmas but Halloween undertones? I wonder how it goes? Well, I finally got my Black Swan outfit. And had a friend drop me off at Kawaii Good's house then take the train and then took another ride with Evelin. Whew! I even made more friends there like Doll Delight and Mugi Bunny, Automatic Honey and more! Enjoy the pictures :)

Kawaii Goods on the bus! She
looks so cute!
Nadjah and I posing for the camera!
It was the first time we were wearing gothic attire!

Kawaii Goods with Mugi Bunny!
Mugi Bunny eyelashes look so epic!

Mugi Bunny's friends Jane and Doll Delight!
I always so amazed how Doll Delight is very creative!

Stiffany (left) And Ashley (right) look stunning
despite the contrast of styles

She hand-made the dress!
So talented

Dizzy Daisy Lee rocking in
a kodona style!

Ariane also handmade her dress as well
it matches the winter theme well

Tara looking fabulous as usual,
she made the Midnight Theater look good!

Mandie (left) and her friend
pose for a picture ^_^

Henry did a great Gothic Aristocrat attire
He won the prize for
"Best Gothic Theme"!

Lauren knows who to pull off
Twinkle Carnival well!
I almost want this print as well XD

I don't know who this beautiful
young lady is but she had a beautiful cood and
and style!

Evelin (left) who was our ride up there! Thank you so much!
Tani (right) was one of the hostess for the event!

Automatic Honey look stylish as much as
their awesome products they sell!

Jenica looks so wonderful
it reminds me of Jack Skeleton *o*

Sara (right) and Lauren
go well together in this picture <3

I got to meet Jenna (left) for the first time
She was really sweet!
Sara (right) was going for a bittersweet coord which
she pulled off wonderfully!

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Sneak peek!

Whooo! I finally got out of school and I now I've been trying for a new look for the meet up this Saturday.......Wait for it...... Gothic lolita! Heh, I wonder if I'll be able to pull it off since I'm mostly sweet lolita. I hope I don't disappoint! I plan to do a theme: 
Black Swan

Can't be a swan without feathers!

I saw the print on ths skirt and it was too pretty to pass up! 

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tune in Tokyo!

Another laaaaate update! I've been busy with work and school that I forgot, but here it is! The theme was Good girl/Bad girl (School girl and Yankees). This was actually a difficult coord for me to think up! But in the end, it worked out! Enjoy! <3

My hair was styled during the event
so I took a picture before I went to bed :D

I didn't recognize Sun Child with her wig >.<
Yet she is still beautiful <3

I recognized the girl on the left from
Anime Expo :)

Mandie looks so awesome :)

Oli and Emi look great :)

I've never seen Cass
wear something outside of lolita
but still looks great!

Andi is a big fan of Harry Potter ^_^

Sneaking in a picture :)

So was so nice! I hope to see her again soon ^_^

Until Next Time!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nesei Week in Little Toyko!

Another update! Well, this time it was in Little Toyko during Nesei Week. I met a few new and old friends.  I hope to have another meet up soon :)

The lovely lanterns

More Lanterns! The one on the right
has origami birds

I think my boyfriend matches
well with the surroundings :)

Judy wanted to take a picture
with the cute cat mascot...

...So I took one as well!

Could it be...?
Yep! It was the meet up I've been searching for!

This is Aerial !
A new friend
I met her online and she is quite friendly :)

Sarah's looking good in
her minty coord <3

Holley looks very cute!

I was so happy to see

Amber (left) and Sami (right)
look wonderful in their classic coord
I love how Oli makes
her dresses ^^

Iris invited her friend along
with us :)

Along the way, I saw some
Vocaloid cosplayers...

...And Black Butler cosplays

Nancy (Left) and Nadjah (Right)
look comfortable in the summer heat

Group Photo! :D

Overall, it was an enjoyable day!

 Until Next Time!