Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nesei Week in Little Toyko!

Another update! Well, this time it was in Little Toyko during Nesei Week. I met a few new and old friends.  I hope to have another meet up soon :)

The lovely lanterns

More Lanterns! The one on the right
has origami birds

I think my boyfriend matches
well with the surroundings :)

Judy wanted to take a picture
with the cute cat mascot...

...So I took one as well!

Could it be...?
Yep! It was the meet up I've been searching for!

This is Aerial !
A new friend
I met her online and she is quite friendly :)

Sarah's looking good in
her minty coord <3

Holley looks very cute!

I was so happy to see

Amber (left) and Sami (right)
look wonderful in their classic coord
I love how Oli makes
her dresses ^^

Iris invited her friend along
with us :)

Along the way, I saw some
Vocaloid cosplayers...

...And Black Butler cosplays

Nancy (Left) and Nadjah (Right)
look comfortable in the summer heat

Group Photo! :D

Overall, it was an enjoyable day!

 Until Next Time!

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