Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anime Expo Day 3!

Thankfully it wasn't as crowded as Saturday! I mostly did my shopping ;)
I also got to run into more friends, some I knew from before, and also new friends :)

Tara (right) is awesome! She's really sweet
and her son is so cute
So I had to get a photo of her and I

Took a picture of Claudia
and a loli customer :)

I love Oli's creativity
Simple yet adorable
(Read her blog here!)

MugiBunny was selling there!
I was so thrilled to meet her!
(Browse her webshop here and here!)
Lauren is so nice!
And the stuff she sells
 are just as cute!
(Check out her website Dearie on facebook!
My goodness! I love
how her coord looks cute on her!

She was so shy and adorable ^^

I don't know how Sun Child
does it, but she makes it look

I saw Flora at Kawaii Goods
and Kawaii Carnival booth!

Dizzy Lee was all
Hunny'ed up ;)
I had to resist hugging
her too hard X3

The sweet couple
Christine and Kevin
I was really glad to have run into them!
(You can check out Christine's blog here)

Until Next Time!

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RurouniInuGirl said...

Lauren looks sooo good in FD!!! <3