Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anime Expo Day 2!

There were so many people on Saturday! I couldn't believe how crazy crowded it was. Despite the heat and unexpected events, it didn't ruin the day :)

Had to get ready,
This is from the night before!

What I looked like at Anime Expo
(My boyfriend wanted to take a picture)

It was the most crowded event ever!

There was a long line!
Luckily, it was fast moving!

Yay! I saw Mandie! <3
She looks great as Miku ;)
(You can read her blog here!)

She was hanging out near
Kawaii Goods and Kawaii Carnival booth

I love this dress <3
I was happy to see Jayme
She looks so lovely!

The cute owner of Kawaii Goods!
(Check out Kawaii Goods blog here!)

The cute owner of Kawaii Carnival!
(Check out Kawaii Carnival blog here!)

Lovely coordinates for Jewelry Jelly.
The girl in the middle is cosplaying ;)

Until Next Time!


Geeky Glamorous said...

It was great to run into you at AX! <3

Nika said...

I seriously didn't see many of the group there! I found I think only 5 people I knew. T_T