Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fairytale Meet Up!

Whew! I went to a lovely meet up hosted by Oli and Mandie. The theme was fairytales! It was so nice to see everyone again. I even sold a few things there also! Then...I bought items also XD
My Boyfriend also dressed up with me too! He even won me a few goodies~

The girl on the right was so cute!
I had to take her picture!

As always, Sara is so beautiful :)

I finally got to meet her in person!
She had a princess theme!

This is the second time I've seen them.
And they still look good!

I'm sure she has a Sugary Carnival shine!
I never saw such a rare dress :)

I love the underwater theme she did.
It suits her perfectly!
The Little Mermaid is one of
my favorite fairytales.

Watch out!
Or the big bad wolf will find you ;)
<3 My Prince and I <3

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! And now...
the loot! :D

My boyfriend's ticket won the goodie bag!
He didn't have much use for it,
so he gave it to me <3

Sara gave me scarf as a gift!
I almost cried
It was so pretty :')

The items I bought from the meet!
The wristcuffs were from AP
The kind seller sold them to me for $10!
And the Ribbon chain were hand-made
by the talented Lauren Yee!
(Pictured above wearing Sugary Carnival)

Until Next Time!


†Niesje7002† said...

Everybody is looking amazing ^^
Must have been a lvoely meet-up!

クリス said...

You are so pretty! I totally didn't know your boyfriend was at the meet up O:

There were some awesome things for sale and for great prices too! That handmade chain..hnnng do want that. Wish I told myself I needed it at the time u__u

It was nice seeing you in person!

Geeky Glamorous said...

It was nice to see you on Saturday!! ^^ I was a co-host with Olivia btw... :x

Lily~Loli~Dolly said...

@†Niesje7002†: It was a lot of fun Do you meet many lolis in your meet ups too? ^^

@クリス: You were there?? :D
I'm so so so sorry, I can't remember D:
There were so many lovely lolitas there! What were you wearing?

@Geeky Glamorous: Ack! I forgot you were the co-hostess as well! I fixed it! >.<
So sorry as well!