Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anime Expo & AM2!

Oh wow! I can't wait for this  Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! So much to do! Let's see...

~On Thursday I'll be heading to downtown LA for Day 0 and to pick up my Anime Expo Ticket. I'll have to show up extra early if I want to beat the heat and crowd ^^

~On Friday I'll be going to AM2 in to find a friend of mine and she'll be making me over in Gothic Lolita attire. I'm so nervous and excited because it'll be the first time dressing in Gothic loli for me.

~On Saturday I'll be going to Anime Expo to watch the Miku Concert and Kalfina Concert and to meet up with friends for Tune in Tokyo. And some shopping of course ;)

~And lastly, on Sunday is simply for....Shopping!

Oh man, I gotta get my coords together. I hope to see you there <3

Until Next Time!

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