Sunday, May 15, 2011

My dream dress

This print came out a while ago but now, I am able to get it! I was so happy that Angelic Pretty designed another mermaid print!
Tell me what you think :)

I plan to get the mint dress

Side view

Back view
(I'm not so crazy for the bow placed there.
Good thing it's detachable ^^ )

Bodice view
(The bow is also detachable)

(It comes with the dress <3)

Print sample
I love the seahorse carasol and castle ^^

 Until Next Time!


RurouniInuGirl said...

I want the mint dress so desperately!! ;A;

クリス said...

I love the style of the bodice, but the print lacks something to me, sorry. I'm too picky XD

I hope you get your dream dress!

Lily~Loli~Dolly said...

@RurouniInuGirl: Feel free to borrow mine <3
I don't mind as long I'm not using it! :D

@クリス: I'll admit it does look a bit plain. But I plan to add a my own touch to the dress :D

Princess Gigglesnort said...

Ohhh you were able to get the JSK?~

I got the OP in the blue, since I didn't really like the blue/pink combination as much~
Congrats on getting it!~ I'm looking forward to seeing owner pics of the JSK~ I absolutley love all the mermaid prints AP is releasing!~ I hope there are more to come (>u< )

(My own OP is already here, but I have to wait till my graduation for it (>u< )~)

Lily~Loli~Dolly said...

@Princess Gigglesnort: First of all, I love your name! Its sooo cute!
Second, I think the blue would look lovely on you too :)
I'm really happy that AP came out with a mermaid print too :)

Lady Liddy said...

Oh, my goodness! It's beautiful! I love you choice of the mint version! Can't wait to see a pic of you wearing it once you get it! :]

Lily~Loli~Dolly said...

@Lady Liddy: Thank you, I will post here as soon as I get it and make a coord out of it <3