Monday, February 21, 2011

A Valentine's Day at Paris in a Cup!

Had a great time at the lolita meet up! I finally wore my "super-secret-outfit" I was working on!  

Getting ready for meet!

Did a zoom in for the heart hairclips ;)

Another pose

At the meet-up
I got to connect with old friends...
And met new friends....

One of the many tables
More tables!

And more tables!

And MORE tables!

She finally got to wear her dream dress! Yay!!

She was kind to let us watch a movie at her house!

My friend gave me a ride! So sweet of her!
Cute poses!

She looked so AMAZING!

Very cool!

Wonderful coords

Bonnet! Pony bag!
They're both cute!

I forgot their names! But they were so epic cute!!

Looks like there were a few birthdays!
Celebrations abound!

Happy Febuary Birthday!

Tiny group photo! (I would be very difficult to get everyone >.<)

And since it was Valentine's Day,
 There were a few loli lovebirds.




What a fun day it was!

Until next time!


RurouniInuGirl said...

EEEP!!! Lizzie and Kevin looked so cute together!!! This is such a cute post! I hope your boyfriend can come next time!!! <3

RiA SPiRAL said...

aww everyone looks so cute! The meet up looks amazing x) I want to go to one *o*

Lily~Loli~Dolly said...

@RurouniInuGirl: I do hope so! :D

@RiA SPiRAL: The meet up was really nice ^^
You should try to go for one in your area! They can be a lot of fun! :)

mochichan said...

I wish I was there.